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Alien brain matter?


I photographed these GREENISH BRAIN FRAGMENTS from extraterrestrial beings in an empty field next to a street ironically called International Way just 510 yards north of East 32nd Street in Anderson, Indiana, June 21, 2019 at exactly 10:21 AM. Needless to say, my discovery has been blown into proportions of Trumpian legend.

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Yes, this is brain matter from a couple hundred giant extraterrestrial beings who blew their own brains out when allegedly they realized they had mistakenly landed in #AndersonIndiana.

Apparently, the alien navigator became confused by weather and the immense oceans of water presently standing in Indiana fields. I guess the aliens had done enough homework to know that Washington, DC was originally built on swampland near the Atlantic Ocean and made some sloppy piloting decisions.

Anyway, they drifted into the Anderson area totally hidden by thick cloud cover and landed ten spacecraft in this field and on the roof of the new Purdue building nearby on East 27th Street. The alien visitors immediately began their search for our leader. Which led to the tragedy and the remains of some 200 ET brains being scattered across this field. You can visit the area and see for yourself. This brain matter covers much of the field, and as yet, Defense Department officials have neither cleaned it up nor cordoned the area off as being off limits to ordinary citizens.

In the above photo, you can almost make out the outline of the extraterrestrial leader’s head and torso. Defense Department investigators are trying hard to blame this incident on the city of Anderson. Anderson is a convenient scapegoat, because with its dilapidated buildings, crumbling streets, and boarded up stores, it is so easy for observers to believe the worst. Again, Anderson’s reputation for repulsive blight (left over from departing manufacturing companies like General Motors) precedes it.

But one wild-eyed, loose-lipped official, furiously gulping down Long Island Ice Teas in Buffalo Wild Wings last night, let slip that the mass suicide was NOT caused by the sight of Anderson’s depressing curb-appeal. The mass suicide–by Rexim-Favor laser pistols–occurred right after the aliens asked a policeman to take them to our leader. The policeman promptly-summoned city officials, who, cognizant of the ethics of fair warning, even to aliens, showed the aliens a video compilation of just who our national leader is.

A member of the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP), who asked to be kept anonymous, described the aliens response to the video as “…crazy, even for aliens. They squeaked and ticked among themselves in their own language. And then they seemed to have gotten an order to assemble in that abandoned field. Suddenly, they all pulled a pistol of some kind, put it in their mouths and pulled the trigger. People in Anderson thought the loud noise and bright light was a massive lightening strike. No lightening strike I ever heard of could debrain 200 people in half-a-second, but that’s just me. It’s a hell of a mess.”

(Below) This particular large spill of alien remains contains the cell bodies, dendrites and axon terminals of neurons from the largest brain among all the beings so far accounted for in this particular task force of alien explorers. This, according to a spokesperson for AATIP, is the largest brain ever examined on earth, and it belongs to the creature believed to have been a celebrated alien artist tasked by his planet’s leader to sketch impressions of so-called life on Earth.


ALL POINTS BULLETIN: All ten alien spaceships have disappeared and have been reported stolen, allegedly by the same persons who five years ago frustrated Anderson police for months by stealing tires almost every night off of new cars parked in dealer lots in the city.